Road Hazard Protection

Protect your tire investment with Skip&rsquo;s Certificate for Tire Repair or Replacement.</p>
&nbsp;<strong>Why Buy Skip&rsquo;s Certificate for Tire Repair or Replacement?</strong></p>
Ever had a run-in with a pothole or debris in the road? How about a blowout on the freeway? There is no way to steer clear of all the nails, broken glass and other debris on the road. Skip&rsquo;s Certificate for Tire Repair and Replacement gets your vehicle back on the road quickly and best of <u>all without the financial burden</u> of purchasing another tire.</p>
<em><strong>How Do Can I Protect My Tire Investment?</strong></em><br />
Step 1: Buy Skip&rsquo;s Certificate for Tire Repair or Replacement. The certificate price is 15% of the cost of each tire.<br />
Step 2: In the event of tire damage, stop by your nearest Skip&rsquo;s for a <u>complimentary repair or replacement</u>.<br />
Step 3: Drive away satisfied, <u>without</u> having to make another tire purchase.</p>
<em><strong>How Am I Covered?</strong></em><br />
Once you have purchased Skip&rsquo;s Certificate for Tire Repair or Replacement, if one of your tires fails due to defect, or incurs road hazard damage that cannot be repaired, Skip&rsquo;s Tire will replace the tire at no additional cost. Regardless of the number of miles you put on the tires, you will be covered for the life of the original tread down to 3/32&rdquo; remaining or three years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first.</p>
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