Your cars shocks help you have a stable, comfortable, and safe ride. When they wear out, there are several negative consequences on your ability to control your car and your overall comfort will decrease driving. >br>
Here are a few signs that you may need new shocks:

You experience rough turns.

If each right or left turn you take is a challenge when they were once smooth, you may need new shocks. This swaying or “rolling” is a sign your shocks aren't supporting the weight of your car while you get around town and it could be dangerous.

Your vehicle moves forward after stopping.

If the car dives forward when you stop, you'll probably feel your seat belt holding you steady. This is another indicator that the shocks aren't doing their job. Of course, the opposite can occur. The weight of the car may shift backwards during acceleration if the shocks are excessively worn.

It’s a rough ride over certain obstacles.

Speed bumps, pot holes, or cracks in the road always affect your vehicle, but if you feel like you might be thrown through the roof or you are hearing a lot of excess noise, then your shocks aren't handling these obstacles very well. With an auto inspection, your mechanic will ensure that you do need shocks. Then, when they're replaced, you can enjoy fewer headaches while driving.
At Skip's Tire and Auto Centers, our auto mechanics will be happy to perform an auto inspection and see if your shocks need to be replaced. Visit our website to learn more about our auto mechanic services or visit one of our 6 locations.
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